[Good evening Wednesday] A Letter

Among some letters I cannot throw away, there’s one letter that I got from me from the past.

It was addressed to “Me who finished the university exam” and it was from “Sixteen years old Me who's one week before the final exam, writing at 0:48 am” :D

In the letter, she (me from the past) wrote about how boring it is to study World History, how happy she is to have a new bookshelf, what she wants to do after the high school and what she wants to be in the future. And she told me to remember “Love this moment”

It’s been 20 years since I wrote this letter (gosh) and reading this letter makes me smile... or more like laugh.. (If she really “love this moment” she wouldn’t have wrote this letter back then, would she… :D) Well, this was one of my ways to avoid studying or to escape from reality… and something hasn’t changed at all… haha.. :D

And what if I write a letter to future me now..? I guess it’ll be like this;


Dear future me,

Sometimes I get lazy, sometimes I do what I know I shouldn’t do. But overall I am living my life at full speed. This is all I can do for now. Please don’t look back and say “I could have done this” or “I shouldn't have done that” because at this point I don’t know. I’m not wiser than you.



Ok, back to work.

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