[Good evening Wednesday] Visual or Aural

Back in my university days, I took a test to figure out whether I rely more on visual or aural information. I forgot the exact ratio, but I found out that I had a strong tendency to capture information from audio rather than visuals.

This test was part of teaching methodology class, and it was about to give effective teaching materials by understanding student’s cognitive tendency. If the student’s visual, it’s more effective to use pictures. And if they’re aural, it’s better to use listening CD. And if they’re balanced? …I forgot, but probably video would be effective (because they can get both equally… right?)

Obviously this test was simplified version since they don’t include other tendency like verbal or kinetic but to know whether you’re visual, aural or balanced, it’ll help you when you learn something. I couldn’t find this test anywhere, but I guess it’s not that hard to know your type when you pay attention to your behavior or thinking process. When you recall something do you see image or words in your mind? or hear something?

I give you an example. There was an old workmate of mine who’s trying to learn Japanese. He said he had been listening Japanese conversation CD but it really didn’t work. After having meetings with Japanese people, he often said “I’m probably not blessed with language skills…”

However, when we were walking outside, he frequently pointed out the store sign with Japanese kanji characters and checked if he understood its meaning correctly. It was very accurate that I had to ask why he knew much. And he revealed that he enjoyed looking at the Kanji picturebook which he originally bought for his kid... And... you know what I’m trying to say.

To me, it was clear that he was visual. He was capable of reading and handling complex charts easily and explain things by drawing. And he paints well too.

We say “I know myself very well” In a way, yes. But in a way, no, not really.

So… which type are you?

Now listening: "Pipoca" 
(Hermeto Pascoal must be extremely or fully aural... :D )

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