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[Good evening Wednesday] Beep beep

My laptop started to act funnily.

Sometimes it decides to beep endlessly, and doesn't show me anything. 

I remove all the cables and pat and speak to it in sweet way. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And now seems like it beeps more frequently.

I wonder how long the duration of computer's life is...

In the official guidebook of Japan Income tax return, durable years of computer is stated as 4 years. But this doesn't account of its operating time, so it's quite unclear.

In my case, it has been always around 3 years. Either I make them taste coffee and they screamed "nnnnnnnn" and stop, or it became unbearably slow that I or my coworkers couldn't take it. I don't dare to open the computers lid and exchange parts (further catastrophe is predicted), so once that happens it's time to get a new one.

My current "bad-tempered" laptop is almost 3 years old. Except the fact that it occasionally beeps when I open (well, it's actually a big problem), I like how it works. It's really fast and it's very clear (it's my very first GeForce-powered laptop. I don't know what this does though. I blame demoscene for this) so I'm hoping to use it longer. What I'm gonna do is, ask google and keep encouraging when it beeps.


By the way, I'd like to share a few things I've learnt from past experience (if you happen to be a tech savvy person, please skip):

- Usually, pink or milky-colored laptops come with many unnecessary software and functions and higher-priced. If your top priority is not a color, you may want to think twice.

- Unless you do know what to do, "customize option" is not always a good idea.

- Vista was really not a good idea.

- Not everyone who opens Mac laptop at Starbucks is tech savvy.

- When you buy a computer at the store, don't trust chatty staffs loitering around "NEW!!" -tagged computers. Don't trust someone who starts shooting jargon when you ask something simple either. They're not experts. In my opinion, the word "CPU" should not come from their mouth before buyer says it. Find a store staff who quietly listens to what you need and budget.

And most importantly,

- Be extremely careful when you drink hot beverage before laptops. 


[Good evening Wednesday] Donuts crisis

Just read a news about Japan’s doughnuts situation.

The biggest chain store, Mister Donut is struggling to have a surplus, and Krispy Kreme is closing down their stores (they used to have over 60 stores, now 45). Some things are considered to be the cause of this situation (like convenience store started to sell donuts) but overall, it seems like the “donut market” in Japan is shrinking year by year, they say.

Shrinking donut market…? This could be a very serious problem. Smaller market means less donuts stores and less opportunity to get good donuts. It’s almost like losing yet another paradise from this world...

Well, frankly speaking, only store I care about is Mister Donut. I’ve been there from childhood, and at the peak point (around 20) I went there almost daily to chat with friends or kill time or comfort myself with a big ring or two. (btw, they have dim sum and noodles too, and porridge for breakfast menu) And, I have quite a lot of fond memories there.

One of them is this: I saw a little boy and his father were having tea break during their boys dayout (I was sitting next to them). They looked happy but suddenly the papa got angry at the boy who’s eating his chocolate donut neatly. The papa said “it’s a donut, you just hold it with both hands and take a big bite!” And after a little hesitation, the little boy opened his mouth wide and savored the donut, leaving one big chocolate donut stamp around his mouth… the papa looked contented, but as soon as he saw the stamp he dashed to get a napkin shouting “oh no no! don’t wipe it with your sleeve!!” It was so peaceful view that I kept thinking, “if I could make a donut AD clip, this would be it..."

Anyway, the donut situation. We gotta do something to it.

Oh yeah, Arnolds opened its store in Tokyo too. I wonder how they’re doing.

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