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The Voice: 3. Vocalists

Just like some people enjoy playing fantasy football game, I play fantasy music game in my mind. Especially when I listen to the voice I really like. I go through my music library and imagine what the song will sound like if she or he sings this song, and find the best match. Just like selecting the covers album playlist for them.

People's voice is many-sided, but I think it really shines when the right song (or text) is given to it. The right song; the song which emphasize the appeal and personality of the voice. Deft producers/composers know the best voice range of vocalists, and make the song which brings out their best. (And most cases, vocalists later want to try something outside of their zones and leave the producers and go haywire... sad, but that's how things go.)

Having said that, the best appeal of the vocalist can be varied according to the listeners: Some people adore his base voice and consider it as his best weapon while others adore his falsetto. And what I do is a fantasy selection which completely based on my likings. It's all fun. I imagine how the songs like, and alter the tempo or version if necessary. And when I found the perfect match, I smug in and resist the urge to write a suggestion mail to that vocalist..

Yellow Butterfly - Tahiti 80

Xavier Boyer is one of my favorite vocalists. Love his light foggy voice. Wishing he will sing more standards in acoustic version. (And I found a Japanese musician, mabanua has very similar voice type but denser. It's also fun to discover similarities in voices..)


The Voice: 2. Lullaby - For your sleepless nights

Lately I enjoy watching (or listening to) a video called "Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep."

His voice and monotonous way of talking really works for me and if not making me sleepy, it definitely calms me down. (I don't care what he talks about here.)

There are some voices which make people sleepy. Voice, or the way of talking or pitch. One that I recall is a professor at my university. I was taking astronomy class for fun, and this prof got super sleep-inducing voice.  (He too spoke in monotonously.) He spoke while writing on the blackboard and never look at us. And this provided us ample occasion to close our eyes. I think he knew the power of his voice. The sound of people taking notes were gradually diminished, one by one, his voice sent us to the another world. I wasn't asleep but my mind always went into a deep meditative state, can't remember what I learnt. I sometimes regret why I didn't record that class for the sleepless night..

When I have problem falling asleep, I like listening to talking voice. Podcast, radio, or something I recorded from movie etc. I haven't fully figure out yet, but seems like there's specific voices that do me better than Raymond Scott. Hope Joe Pera will release podcast series for sleepy time..

Other go-to-sleep sound I like is, "Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra" App by studio yoggy (in Japanese). I've been recommending this to my girlfriends, and they seem to enjoy it as well. It says Yoga but all you need to do is lie down, it’s more like meditation. Its instruction voice is very soothing; you may want to check out. (It’s free.)

Nudge me if you know good go-to-sleep track.


The Voice: 1. Smooth Operator

I guess I'd better write something before forgetting how to use Blogger..

Well, I'll write about voices for start.

Some time ago, I had to contact customer support via phone. And a support staff who picked up my query was the owner of tremendous voice. At least to my ears but I doubt it.

He had such a gentle and soothing voice and talked in mild pitch. I wouldn't be surprised if he was working as a voice actor or radio DJ, I was simply enchanted by his voice. And clearly he was aware that he has a good voice, and he was aware that I was enchanted by it.

After I dealt with what I had to do, he asked me if I wanted to know other options and current promotion. I usually decline this type of thing, because I rather check these online, but this time I couldn't resist it.. just to linger on the phone listening to his voice. The content doesn't matter here, it's just his voice. It's music to my ears.

And after that, he asked if I want to know all other methods to contact the support center.. (I told you he was fully aware of the power of his voice. No one ever suggests these before..) And... shamelessly I said yes again.  And there he went, reading the support center address and telephone number from the top of the list.. It was a great afternoon. And thank god it was a toll free number.. (and I swear I didn't call again. )

Come to think of it, I've seen other people swoon over the voice, like I did.

There was this girl in my town working at the convenience store. She's pretty, but the thing which is memorable was her voice. She had a voice type of Japanese anime character. That super high pitch, excessively sugar-candy voice (aka "Moe"voice). I was really surprised when I first heard that, checking what kind of store I was in, and I wasn't the only one who noticed her voice. After that I saw her crunching a cash register several time, and even the other cashier was available there was a queue (all men) before her machine. She went "Would you like to heat up this bento?" "It's 780yen" "Would you like to have a receipt?" with that voice. I'm sure it must have been their great afternoon.

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