The Voice: 1. Smooth Operator

I guess I'd better write something before forgetting how to use Blogger..

Well, I'll write about voices for start.

Some time ago, I had to contact customer support via phone. And a support staff who picked up my query was the owner of tremendous voice. At least to my ears but I doubt it.

He had such a gentle and soothing voice and talked in mild pitch. I wouldn't be surprised if he was working as a voice actor or radio DJ, I was simply enchanted by his voice. And clearly he was aware that he has a good voice, and he was aware that I was enchanted by it.

After I dealt with what I had to do, he asked me if I wanted to know other options and current promotion. I usually decline this type of thing, because I rather check these online, but this time I couldn't resist it.. just to linger on the phone listening to his voice. The content doesn't matter here, it's just his voice. It's music to my ears.

And after that, he asked if I want to know all other methods to contact the support center.. (I told you he was fully aware of the power of his voice. No one ever suggests these before..) And... shamelessly I said yes again.  And there he went, reading the support center address and telephone number from the top of the list.. It was a great afternoon. And thank god it was a toll free number.. (and I swear I didn't call again. )

Come to think of it, I've seen other people swoon over the voice, like I did.

There was this girl in my town working at the convenience store. She's pretty, but the thing which is memorable was her voice. She had a voice type of Japanese anime character. That super high pitch, excessively sugar-candy voice (aka "Moe"voice). I was really surprised when I first heard that, checking what kind of store I was in, and I wasn't the only one who noticed her voice. After that I saw her crunching a cash register several time, and even the other cashier was available there was a queue (all men) before her machine. She went "Would you like to heat up this bento?" "It's 780yen" "Would you like to have a receipt?" with that voice. I'm sure it must have been their great afternoon.

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