The Voice: 2. Lullaby - For your sleepless nights

Lately I enjoy watching (or listening to) a video called "Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep."

His voice and monotonous way of talking really works for me and if not making me sleepy, it definitely calms me down. (I don't care what he talks about here.)

There are some voices which make people sleepy. Voice, or the way of talking or pitch. One that I recall is a professor at my university. I was taking astronomy class for fun, and this prof got super sleep-inducing voice.  (He too spoke in monotonously.) He spoke while writing on the blackboard and never look at us. And this provided us ample occasion to close our eyes. I think he knew the power of his voice. The sound of people taking notes were gradually diminished, one by one, his voice sent us to the another world. I wasn't asleep but my mind always went into a deep meditative state, can't remember what I learnt. I sometimes regret why I didn't record that class for the sleepless night..

When I have problem falling asleep, I like listening to talking voice. Podcast, radio, or something I recorded from movie etc. I haven't fully figure out yet, but seems like there's specific voices that do me better than Raymond Scott. Hope Joe Pera will release podcast series for sleepy time..

Other go-to-sleep sound I like is, "Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra" App by studio yoggy (in Japanese). I've been recommending this to my girlfriends, and they seem to enjoy it as well. It says Yoga but all you need to do is lie down, it’s more like meditation. Its instruction voice is very soothing; you may want to check out. (It’s free.)

Nudge me if you know good go-to-sleep track.

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