The Voice: 4. Voice and Translation

Voice is important for me when I translate.
When I got texts, I always (unconsciously) imagine the suitable voice for the texts.

I do quite a lot of marketing translation, and each company, brand or promotion has its own human-like characteristics. Some companies specify the tone of the texts, but that's not enough for me. I need to set its voice in my head from its character, specification etc. Stable? High? Comforting? Energetic? Sultry? Fun? For example, if it's proper texts for general public, I pull up goody-goody type of voice. And when I translate, I make that voice read my texts in my head and see if it's natural.

Sometimes I get to do some voice script translations, like audio guide and tutorial. They give me plain scripts, and later they record with voice actors. In this case, when the final version comes out I can compare with the voice I imagined and voice they chose. And that's fun. (And yes, sometimes annoyed.. :)

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