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This has nothing to do with me but kids in Japan are now in their summer break. And national radio station started their annual summer program called “Telephone counseling for kids” : they invite specialists from various science fields and answer questions from kids. (e.g. “Why macropinna microstoma's eyes are upturned and covered?”)

I remember they used to do this every day, and they used to accept all kinds of questions, not just science… like “my friends don’t seem to like me, what should I do to make them like me?”

Well, sure kids have questions but adults do have too. I’m jealous that they get to be answered in easy-to-understand explanations, and I too would like to call in and ask some questions...

-       In the movie, why do aliens voice often sounds like vocoder?
-       Is Elon Musk alien who tries to conquer this planet?
-       Why do we check horoscope section even though we knew it’s really not dependable?
-       Is Itako real?
-       Is it too optimistic to believe that human nature is fundamentally good?

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