[nokonoko journal] Sirens

This early morning, I woke up with the loud and disturbing sirens and warnings from our community speakers and loud tone from my phone. It says “a missile has been launched.” (news)

I knew about this alert and its sound but when I actually heard this I got really confused and scared. I remember that there will be second warning siren after 3min or so if things got really urgent, so I quickly changed my clothes and joined my parents to check the news. (Warning says “evacuate” but we don’t know where to) TV screen just showed the warning message, and nothing with its vector or interception. Luckily the next siren came with the message “a missile has passed over your area”

I took it for granted that our country is safe, I never imagined myself waking up with the sirens for a missile. Apparently I have more to say about this, but to calm myself down I went to the car wash after that.

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