“Who is Demoscener?” - What I’ve learned from interviewing them

For the past 5-6 years, I’ve had occasion to peek into the little-known computer subculture called “demoscene”. I’ve seen their work, I’ve been to their events, and I’ve talked to some people who drive this culture. In this post, I’m going to share my view and what I’ve learned in this culture.

I won’t explain what the demoscene is here, so please refer to this page for that details.

How I discovered demoscene

I should first clarify that I am not a computer enthusiast: I do use computers a lot for my work and for fun, but my job and interests have been about juggling natural language and not computer language. I’ll be ecstatic when I see beautiful combination of words, but I’ve been trying to stay away from lines of numbers because they look complicated. I can’t code, I can’t make music and I can’t draw anything properly – Basically I’m a complete outsider to this culture.

「デモシーナーとは誰なのか?」 ~デモシーナーへのインタビューから学んだこと~






最近のうちの文鳥 ~ちょっとくっついてる~





[nokonoko journal] アジアンメイクと西洋メイク



[nokonoko journal] "Will you fax that to me?"

I’ve just changed the ink for fax machine…

It’s 2018 and it’s still going… Unbelievable.


EKN #10: god kveld

Song for Annie - Erot

1.    I found my old magazine clipping from late 90s.
2.    It was about a record label called Paper Recordings, and they were about to release their first compilation album for Japan.
3.    I looked up to see what kind of music they did (and if they still exist) and one of their artists’ song clicked me.
4.    “I don’t know the name of its song or artist, but I think I certainly heard this before… Who is this?”
5.    “Song For Annie” by Erot
6.    I discovered this song was re-issued in digital format lately for the documentary film about Norwegian disco scene.
8.    Norwegian disco scene…?
9.    And I watched this documentary called “Northern Disco Lights” and learnt what happened to this boy... I just really hope that he had a great time in Japan...  

Northern Disco Lights - The Rise and Rise of Norwegian Dance Music

Stunning scenery!






"Interviews / Reports" Tab


I added “Interviews/Reports” button on Top menu (in Menu bar if you’re on mobile) for your and my convenience. Wow, very rich contents in such a plain page…! Enjoy reading :)


Whisper #425-435

When I was in junior high school, I ran for the student council. 7 students were selected by vote, and one who got the most votes would become a president. I was one of those 7 students, but not a president.

(At this point, I wonder why I ran for it from the beginning, but anyway.)

After the result was announced, I got a call from someone who saw the selection process. I knew his name and face, but we’d never talked before.

He said “I just wanted to tell you that you actually got the most votes. So logically you should have been a president. But after the result came, teachers held a meeting and decided that the president should be a boy and told us to forget what we’ve saw. So you are not selected as a president, but I thought you should know. I’m telling this to you not because I personally support you or anything, but because I thought that was wrong.” And he hung up.

After this call, I didn’t ask anything to teachers, or mentioned this in public.
Not just because:
a.       I would never know if that was true
b.       it would sound very sour-grapey if I mentioned

But also because:
c.       I didn’t want to ruin his brave act and fairness
d.       this was somewhat understandable at that time

This was the time when girls were not allowed to join Computer Club at our school. I was told “You can’t join this club because… you’re a girl. Why don’t you go to Homemaking club and make an apron?”

And that was the time there was no SNS to spread the injustice. And even there was, it wouldn’t have been treated as injustice I guess.

These sounds like a bad joke to me now.
And I’m quite happy about how things changed.

Now, computer club guys scold me for not bringing many girls, and I know and you know that men in apron are sexy.


Happy New Year 2018

This is a dog.



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