Book or Kindle?

Book or e-book: Do you have any criteria when you buy a book?

I’ve tried reading books and magazines in digital format for about a decade, and I realize that certain rules are forming in me when there’s a option to choose between book or e-book.

Needless to say, the biggest advantage of e-book is its convenience. I don’t have to go to the bookshop (though I love going there) or wait for the order to be delivered, and I can carry many books and documents in one small device so I can pack lighter… so I no longer have to open my suitcase in front of check-in counters… this is great especially if you like to choose what to read by your mood like me. And it’s also good for the books that you don’t want to put on the shelf… :)

But when I read things in digital, I somehow feel like I just consumed data and not experienced the texts. It works really well for practical books or references, but I found some genre or format are really not suitable for e-book reading.

Magazine is one of them. It works fine if there’s a particular article that I want to read, but just to flip through and look for something interesting, it’s not so working well for me because I don't read them linearly. Same goes for cookbooks. (But I have to mention that its convenience is also brilliant. I can check magazines from all over the world without caring about the oversea shipping costs..)

And there are books filled with beautiful words and sentences, and have its own world like novel, poetry and picture books. I find these types of books are also not suitable for e-book reading. I don’t think I give myself enough time for these books lately, but when I do I want to have it in print and feel the texture of papers, admire its cover, give them dog ears and post-its and place next to the pillow and sleep with it... I enjoy its physical presence. (And then the following question for these books would be: Paperback or Hardback?)

So, how about you? Do you have any rules when there’s digital/analog choice?

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