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EKN #10: god kveld

Song for Annie - Erot

1.    I found my old magazine clipping from late 90s.
2.    It was about a record label called Paper Recordings, and they were about to release their first compilation album for Japan.
3.    I looked up to see what kind of music they did (and if they still exist) and one of their artists’ song clicked me.
4.    “I don’t know the name of its song or artist, but I think I certainly heard this before… Who is this?”
5.    “Song For Annie” by Erot
6.    I discovered this song was re-issued in digital format lately for the documentary film about Norwegian disco scene.
8.    Norwegian disco scene…?
9.    And I watched this documentary called “Northern Disco Lights” and learnt what happened to this boy... I just really hope that he had a great time in Japan...  

Northern Disco Lights - The Rise and Rise of Norwegian Dance Music

Stunning scenery!


EKN #9: Alleviation

Welcome Rain - U-zhaan x Ametsub

Friday evening. Rain. Chilly.
My birds are ever so warm and fluffy. 
Foggy head and windows.
Bitch Mode: OFF

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