[nokonoko journal] Voluntary Rapunzel

This year I've been reclusive more than ever..

But I could get in touch with so many people from all walks of life by translating their words on interviews and videos, and it's been fun.

While I was glued to my desk, my mind was elsewhere.
From a 5 year-old girl to a rapper from Bronx, I could touch their diverse life and views.

Yet funnily enough, no matter what they do or where they live, they all seem to face similar situations.

I've been learning the uniqueness and universality of human beings on a daily basis. 

After all, without those two, we can neither connect or respect each other...

.....OK, blah-blah-blah, enough with the justification. I obviously need to go out more or at least move more next year.

One of the videos I enjoyed watching this year. It's refreshing to see these pink nightmare-ish figures :) What a great costume. (there's more)
(I hope they'll release this version of MV...)


Good evening Tuesday

Merry Christmas.
Happy Holidays.
And for those of you who have nothing to do with above,
Good job today.

Cheers everyone! (with a mug of hot tea)

今日も1日お疲れさまでした! 乾杯!(番茶)


[Good evening Tuesday] Honesty pays

Japan's consumption tax has raised to 10% since October, and the reduced tax rate (8%) is applied to essentials. For food, you'll pay 8% if you take out or order in, and you'll pay 10% if you eat in the store.

And this complicates the things.

One day at a bakery. I bought a bunch of breads and a cup of tea, planning to take a little break in the store.



[Good evening Blue Monday] If Then

My school project in 1995.

Our school was chosen to have new computers (FM TOWNS) and we got to learn super basic of BASIC... like 5 or 6 commands.


My Favorite Pens

Recently I met lovely people from Germany who share love for stationery. I know Germany has lots of great stationery (LEITZ, Lamy, LEUCHTTURM1917…) but we also have obsessive amount of them in Japan that I believe they would enjoy checking out.

Not sure how many will be interested, but here I list up my 3 favorite and go-to pens for your reference. They are all reasonable and accessible in Japan.

JETSTREAM (Mitsubishi)
It’s light and super smooth. It can keep up with fast writing and perfect for jotting down. I use 0.5 and make sure to stock up.

Ultra smooth. Vivid black color. It’s gel ink pen, but it doesn’t get stuck in the middle of writing. It’s fun to write with this pen. I have several colors in 0.4.

For joy of writing. You can write thin lines and small characters with great control. They have 0.3 to 0.5. I used to use 0.3 in my school days but nowadays 0.4. It sometimes.. or whimsically get stuck though. In that case, you hold the end of the pen and bang the tip area (put cover on) on the book edge or something.

Additional notes for notebook:
For notebook, I’d used pocket size Moleskine for more than a decade and just so enjoyed writing on it with HI-TEC-C. But they discreetly changed its paper and square size several years ago so I switched to MUJI’s. I also recommend MD notebook (MIDORI) if you like cream colored papers. For study, I’m (sorta) faithful to Campus notebook (KOKUYO).


[This must be Thursday] Hello, new era

New imperial era has started in Japan.

Last time our era changed (yes, I'm a Showa-born lady), we were in mourning period and everything moved mechanically. I remember TV anchors were all wearing black, and we quietly received the announcement of new era and its change. And it took some time before we joked about this name of era. (e.g. "What, Heisei? Hey Say?")


Cherry Blossom 2019




haunt me: "Musique"

Dior Homme - Winter 2019-2020

Obviously I am not one to talk about fashion.
What I want to say is:

Yet another cool music video for Daft Punk..!

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