[nokonoko journal] December 25, 2020

Wherever you are, whatever you do, 

please stay well.

Because 2021 will be definitely better.








Fishmans - バックビートにのっかって



haunt me: WORDPLAY



"Mixture of Homophones" -Rahmens

Same pronunciation (with often different intonation), different meaning. These 2 men are engaging in completely different conversations, yet they magically sync due to those homophones. 


- Hikyo desuyo!

Left: It's an unexplored region!

Right: That is not fair!

- Korya tenshoku dana.

Left: Ah, I guess I need to change my job.

Right: This must be my vocation.

Exquisite wordplay of Japanese language.


[nokonoko journal] Another reason

I shamelessly admit that I'm a gal who checks horoscope section of a magazine. I usually forget everything by the next day, but I remember, at the beginning of this year, all the horoscope pages I saw mentioned that 2020 will be a year of big change.

Yes, this is a big change. I just came back from my dentist, and I found out that now I can only talk to the doctor through glass and microphone.

Their measures were impeccable anyway. They sanitize everything before I go into the waiting room, there's auto-sanitizer at the front, I wear disposable slippers, and after I remove a mask and put it in a ziploc bag in an exam room I cannot say a word.

I am utterly amazed by this measures and their professionalism.

Now that some countries decided to go into the second lockdown, I'm going to share how I've been trying to stay at home.

Most of you don't know or should not know that I had tried various hairstyles in my 20s. Pixie cut, Beatles, Akina, Chaka Khan... nearly blonde to blue black. I think I've tried everything I wanted to try. (That's what 20s are for, right?)

After those trials and errors I've been happy to have mid to long hair, but I spotted one day, there was this hairstyle (a type of short bob) that I kinda like to try if I had a chance... though I was 95% sure it won't work for me.

And when I heard that the second wave was about to hit our country this summer, I thought this would be THE time to try this hairstyle.

In short, I did it. And it was a disaster to say the least. It only took 3 seconds to know that it's bad and my birds didn't recognize me at first.

I'm satisfied that I did it, but yes, I have another reason to stay at home now.

Stay safe everyone.










[nokonoko journal] October 14, 2020

Went for a little drive to get a nice coffee (latte, actually). The barista was wearing a mask of Doraemon (seriously well-made) and a big bell on his neck (this look is almost subjected to stop-and-search). I laughed so hard but somehow it was really inspiring. And a coffee was really good as usual.




EKN #37: Summer Essentials

Scha Dara Parr - Summer Jam '95





[nokonoko journal] Won't be the same

Flour is finally back in store shelves, signs of "1 item per household" are diminished, and it's becoming normal routine to wear masks and spray hand sanitizer whenever we go into the stores. Now, almost all the stores (including convenience stores and banks) here have spray at the entrance.


[nokonoko journal] state of emergency

We are currently in the state of emergency.

This is different from "lockdown" which is happening in many countries right now, but we are strongly requested to stay inside and some stores are VERY STRONGLY requested to close. (it's like.. you can't be arrested if you open the store, but your store will be surrounded by people requesting you to shut down, your store name will be announced in a shame list, and you will be treated as a traitor in your community.)

Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and 4 other prefectures went into the state of emergency on April 7, and the rest of prefectures joined in from April 16. And several days ago, the government announced the extension.

But that's not what I want to talk about today.

What I want to tell you is; When you do decide to cut your hair by yourself, go very slowly and stop when you think "it may be a bit long". Or you get carried away and may end up having a very avant-garde hairstyle. (This is what I've learned from the self-haircut years in my 20s. )

And no matter how well you did, hairdressers will definitely know that you cut them. So declare first openly. They may smile or laugh but won't nag you. 

My hair now is about 20cm shorter than last week, and I feel so light and happy. But I really can't wait to go to the hair salon to chat with staffs and fix this hair....!!!

It’s already summer sky..


Cherry Blossom 2020

This was filmed in early April.
About a week before some of our prefectures went into the state of emergency.

(Don't worry or don't get upset... It's in the countryside, and I made sure there's no one around...)


Flower blooms no matter what's happening in the world

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan live-streamed their session for students.

Dutch National Opera & Ballet shares their daily barre class.

An established bakery started online sourdough workshop (10+ lessons, in reasonable price).

Musicians share home listening playlists and intimate concert from their living room.

Some libraries prepare "surprise bag" so that people can just pick up and enjoy random-selected books.

Mean restaurant and bars started seriously cool takeout menu (full course from entrée to dessert...).

Cafes started to sell "coffee ticket" so that customer can support the store while closing.

This is certain; Creative people are creative no matter what situation they're in.
I am truly amazed, inspired and encouraged by these people on a daily basis... thank you, and also big thank you for people working really hard under this tough conditions. 

If the world can be saved by just staying in, what do you do?

I'm trying to save the world by tackling time-consuming recipes for starters, and maybe organizing thousands of bookmarks on browsers.... (ah, this will take long..)

a part of my stay in kit


[nokonoko journal] serene morning

It was really warm yesterday, almost reaching 20 degrees, and was my day off. So I dropped in my favorite local bakery, and drove to a temple/park to take a little walk there.

Plum trees were blossoming, and the area was wrapped with subtle sweet smell. Spring is coming..!

There weren't many people, but I saw some with backpacks were about to go hiking in the mountains. Good idea, especially for the time like this.




You and I have different native languages.
You don't speak my mother tongue, I don't speak your mother tongue, so we meet halfway and speak English, my second and your second or third language.

We talk, we argue, we exchange ideas, we joke, we cry, we laugh.
We seem to be able to communicate. And I like you.

Then your phone rings, it's from someone who shares your first language.
"Excuse me," and you start talking in your mother tongue.

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