New year, new notebook.

I've been using NOLTY U-series since its launch. I tried to switch twice in the past, but each time I came back to this within a week, so I guess I now can call this my standard.

Utter contrary to my expectation, this blog has made it into 2020s. I was thinking, back in the beginning of it (2012), I could give "Good job!" to myself if I succeed publishing 5 posts. According to the Blogger, this will be my 330th posts. And I thought, wow.., I don't wanna waste a lot of time by re-reading all of them... :)

I don’t know who’s out there (or are there any) reading this, but thank you. When the world gets tense, we go loose. We drink fifth wave coffee (that would be tea, or tap water), bring a tote bag for grocery shopping and talk about things that spark joy.

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