Cherry Blossom 2020

This was filmed in early April.
About a week before some of our prefectures went into the state of emergency.

(Don't worry or don't get upset... It's in the countryside, and I made sure there's no one around...)


Flower blooms no matter what's happening in the world

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan live-streamed their session for students.

Dutch National Opera & Ballet shares their daily barre class.

An established bakery started online sourdough workshop (10+ lessons, in reasonable price).

Musicians share home listening playlists and intimate concert from their living room.

Some libraries prepare "surprise bag" so that people can just pick up and enjoy random-selected books.

Mean restaurant and bars started seriously cool takeout menu (full course from entrée to dessert...).

Cafes started to sell "coffee ticket" so that customer can support the store while closing.

This is certain; Creative people are creative no matter what situation they're in.
I am truly amazed, inspired and encouraged by these people on a daily basis... thank you, and also big thank you for people working really hard under this tough conditions. 

If the world can be saved by just staying in, what do you do?

I'm trying to save the world by tackling time-consuming recipes for starters, and maybe organizing thousands of bookmarks on browsers.... (ah, this will take long..)

a part of my stay in kit

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