[nokonoko journal] state of emergency

We are currently in the state of emergency.

This is different from "lockdown" which is happening in many countries right now, but we are strongly requested to stay inside and some stores are VERY STRONGLY requested to close. (it's like.. you can't be arrested if you open the store, but your store will be surrounded by people requesting you to shut down, your store name will be announced in a shame list, and you will be treated as a traitor in your community.)

Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and 4 other prefectures went into the state of emergency on April 7, and the rest of prefectures joined in from April 16. And several days ago, the government announced the extension.

But that's not what I want to talk about today.

What I want to tell you is; When you do decide to cut your hair by yourself, go very slowly and stop when you think "it may be a bit long". Or you get carried away and may end up having a very avant-garde hairstyle. (This is what I've learned from the self-haircut years in my 20s. )

And no matter how well you did, hairdressers will definitely know that you cut them. So declare first openly. They may smile or laugh but won't nag you. 

My hair now is about 20cm shorter than last week, and I feel so light and happy. But I really can't wait to go to the hair salon to chat with staffs and fix this hair....!!!

It’s already summer sky..

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