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EKN #35: Walk when we can't run

Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer

The world is rapidly and seemingly getting back to normal, and I'm feeling fatigue. And I know I'm not the only one to feel this way.

If you are one of them, let's just take it easy...

I just discovered Sing along feature on my music app..., so...


[nokonoko journal] Won't be the same

Flour is finally back in store shelves, signs of "1 item per household" are diminished, and it's becoming normal routine to wear masks and spray hand sanitizer whenever we go into the stores. Now, almost all the stores (including convenience stores and banks) here have spray at the entrance.

We see temperature self-check point at the mall entrance and current congestion rate is announced and shown with live camera. Addition to "Wait Here" floor signs to promote social distance, elevator floors are segmented. And we follow these naturally.

I could go to a hair salon the other day. They had entrance doors wide open for ventilation, checked my temperature and sanitize my hands, and (although they said it's optional) I wore a mask while they fix my hair. The salon was cheerful mood though, as if people were all hungry for a chat in person. (Me and my hairdresser were talking whether we wear makeup under a mask.)

These are few examples, but so-called "new standard" is definitely being established in our life.

Whether you are still in lockdown or similar status or finally allowed to go buy non-essential items, please remain cautious.

Now I'm making a list of things I should stock up for next winter... before I forget...

Sanitized / Used shopping carts

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