[nokonoko journal] Another reason

I shamelessly admit that I'm a gal who checks horoscope section of a magazine. I usually forget everything by the next day, but I remember, at the beginning of this year, all the horoscope pages I saw mentioned that 2020 will be a year of big change.

Yes, this is a big change. I just came back from my dentist, and I found out that now I can only talk to the doctor through glass and microphone.

Their measures were impeccable anyway. They sanitize everything before I go into the waiting room, there's auto-sanitizer at the front, I wear disposable slippers, and after I remove a mask and put it in a ziploc bag in an exam room I cannot say a word.

I am utterly amazed by this measures and their professionalism.

Now that some countries decided to go into the second lockdown, I'm going to share how I've been trying to stay at home.

Most of you don't know or should not know that I had tried various hairstyles in my 20s. Pixie cut, Beatles, Akina, Chaka Khan... nearly blonde to blue black. I think I've tried everything I wanted to try. (That's what 20s are for, right?)

After those trials and errors I've been happy to have mid to long hair, but I spotted one day, there was this hairstyle (a type of short bob) that I kinda like to try if I had a chance... though I was 95% sure it won't work for me.

And when I heard that the second wave was about to hit our country this summer, I thought this would be THE time to try this hairstyle.

In short, I did it. And it was a disaster to say the least. It only took 3 seconds to know that it's bad and my birds didn't recognize me at first.

I'm satisfied that I did it, but yes, I have another reason to stay at home now.

Stay safe everyone.


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