[nokonoko journal] December 5, 2020

Fkj & Bas - Risk

My music app told me that I listened to 92 genres this year. 

How many are there...?









EKN #35: Walk when we can't run

Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer

The world is rapidly and seemingly getting back to normal, and I'm feeling fatigue. And I know I'm not the only one to feel this way.

If you are one of them, let's just take it easy...

I just discovered Sing along feature on my music app..., so...


[nokonoko journal] Won't be the same

Flour is finally back in store shelves, signs of "1 item per household" are diminished, and it's becoming normal routine to wear masks and spray hand sanitizer whenever we go into the stores. Now, almost all the stores (including convenience stores and banks) here have spray at the entrance.


Cherry Blossom 2020

This was filmed in early April.
About a week before some of our prefectures went into the state of emergency.

(Don't worry or don't get upset... It's in the countryside, and I made sure there's no one around...)


Flower blooms no matter what's happening in the world

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan live-streamed their session for students.

Dutch National Opera & Ballet shares their daily barre class.

An established bakery started online sourdough workshop (10+ lessons, in reasonable price).


EKN #32: prelude to good night sleep

Together - Matthew Halsall

Breathe in… Breathe out… Streeeeeeeeetch…


[nokonoko journal] serene morning

It was really warm yesterday, almost reaching 20 degrees, and was my day off. So I dropped in my favorite local bakery, and drove to a temple/park to take a little walk there.

Plum trees were blossoming, and the area was wrapped with subtle sweet smell. Spring is coming..!

There weren't many people, but I saw some with backpacks were about to go hiking in the mountains. Good idea, especially for the time like this.


[Good evening Tuesday] Snow

We had first proper snow for this winter. I was really excited to see the white covered garden and streets this morning. Quiet time, misty windows, steam from the coffee. 

I wanted to make a snowman, but it rained and almost everything melted away in the afternoon.

And tomorrow, the forecast says it'll be 18c.




You and I have different native languages.
You don't speak my mother tongue, I don't speak your mother tongue, so we meet halfway and speak English, my second and your second or third language.

We talk, we argue, we exchange ideas, we joke, we cry, we laugh.
We seem to be able to communicate. And I like you.

Then your phone rings, it's from someone who shares your first language.
"Excuse me," and you start talking in your mother tongue.

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