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Je suis allée me faire une mammographie aujourd'hui. L'année dernière (ma première fois) était vachement douloureuse. Donc j'étais naturellement nerveuse et je m'étais préparée des gâteries.. mais c'était parfaitement bien cette année! Wow.. J'ai dit Brava à une technicienne.


nokonoko journal


J'ai regardé le lancement d'un vaisseau spatial hier. Deux entrepreneurs japonais étaient là-dedans, et j'ai pu entendre la musique qu'ils écoutaient juste avant le décollage. J'ai trouvé ça un peu bizarre parce que ça ressemblait à une émission de radio bavarde.


nokonoko journal


Ça sent l’hiver. Il devient de plus en plus difficile de sortir du lit, mais le matin d’hiver est si beau.


nokonoko journal


J'ai décoré un sapin de Noël. Il est comme un jouet si on compare avec un vrai, mais ça donne une ambiance festive à ma chambre. Et c'est ce dont j'ai besoin maintenant.


nokonoko journal


J’ai fait un gratin dauphinois pour le dîner. Je utilise une recette de grand chef Kishida parce qu’il a dit «mettez des épinards au fond, pas seulement pour la saveur mais ça facilite le lavage aussi». Je peux lui faire confiance. Et c'est si délicieux.


nokonoko journal


C'est la fin de novembre. En fait, j'ai hâte d'entrer en décembre parce que ma copine m'a envoyé une carte avec un calendrier de l'Avent et je veux ouvrir ses poches... J'adore ça. Cette chose me donne une petite joie chaque matin.


[nokonoko journal] The progress 7

State of emergency is lifted, anti-rebound week is over, and my 100 movie challenge completed (total 103 movies by the end of Sep). Yay!


[nokonoko journal] The progress 5


Dreaming Murakami 

It's not about a froggy but a translator who translates Japanese into Danish.

It was interesting to see the process of translating vertical texts into horizontal texts, because what I usually do is the other way around.

Of course how they work depends on each translator or a type of text, but I thought it was a good reference to get to know this profession and its world. (You don't need to be a harukist to understand.)

Merci Christine for letting me know!


[nokonoko journal] The progress 4

65 movies, and my initial end date came. But now that my area is in pre-state of emergency again, I keep going anyway. Frankly this challenge has been more fun than I thought it would be...!

Pavel Karmanov - Past Perfect


[nokonoko journal] The progress 3


I watched it. I didn't understand why R2-D2 was hop-walking sometimes, while he was able to glide on the rough sand.


[nokonoko journal] The progress 2

With this 100 movie challenge, I'm trying to watch ones that are "I'm sure I watched it before but I really can't recall the story".

Star Wars is one of those movies for me. I mean, I know whose father is who, but my memory is kind of mixed up with other movies.

Following the advice from my friend, I'm going to start from here (...and there's a chance I'll stop at here...).


[nokonoko journal] April 29, 2021

Royal Opera House is asking on Twitter: "What is the most memorable piece of dance you've seen?"

I have several favorites, but if I pick one for "memorable" category, it may be this. I saw the one interpreted by Les Grands Ballets in Montreal. I couldn't really comprehend what it was at the time, but was quite shocked and still remember this from time to time.


デモシーナー、Flopineさん(Cookie Collective)にインタビュー

->English version

「デモシーナーにインタビュー」へようこそ。今回は、さまざまな方法を活用してシェーダーの作品を積極的に発表している、コーダーのFlopine(フロピン)さんをゲストにお迎えしました。彼女はRevision 2020Shader Showdownの優勝者でもあります。

ご存じない方のために簡単に説明しますと、「Shader Showdown(シェーダー・ショーダウン)」とは、勝ち抜き方式で行われるシェーダーのプログラミングトーナメントのこと。出場者はDJMCが待つステージに上がり、観客の前で指定時間内にライブでコーディングを行います。2013年にポーランドのデモパーティー、WeCanで初開催されて以来、世界各地のデモパーティーで続々と導入されている部門です。ちなみに、Revision(リビジョン)とは、ドイツで毎年開催される世界最大のデモパーティーのことです。

では、さっきから頻出の「シェーダー」とは何なのか?この説明は、、Flopineさんにお任せしたいと思います! インタビューでは、かなり賑やかなステージでコードを書く時の感覚について、デモシーンとシェーダーコーディングとの出会い、なぜ「ライブであること」が重要なのかなどを語っていただきました。


Interview with Demoscener - Flopine (Cookie Collective)


Welcome to the Interview with Demosceners! This time, we welcome Flopine, a shader coder who actively shares her crafts via various methods and a winner of Revision 2020’s Shader Showdown!

For those of you who don’t know what the Shader Showdown is, this is a knockout tournament of shader programming. Contestants go up on stage where there are DJs and MCs, and perform their live shader coding within the given time in front of big audience. Ever since it was first held at WeCan 2013 (a demoparty held in Poland), more and more of demoparties are adding this compo to their schedule. And by the way, Revision is the largest demoparty held on this planet.

Then what is this “Shader” we are talking about? I guess I’ll leave this explanation to Flopine! In this interview, she explains how it actually feels like to program on the loud stage, how she discovered demoscene and shader coding, and why “live” is important to her… and more! Get some inspiration and winning tips! Enjoy!



Happy New Year.

We'll make this good.



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