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[nokonoko journal] April 29, 2021

Royal Opera House is asking on Twitter: "What is the most memorable piece of dance you've seen?"

I have several favorites, but if I pick one for "memorable" category, it may be this. I saw the one interpreted by Les Grands Ballets in Montreal. I couldn't really comprehend what it was, but was quite shocked and still remember this from time to time.

"Echad Mi Yodea" by Ohad Naharin performed by Batsheva

Happy #InternationalDanceDay!


Cherry Blossom 2021


Temperature goes up and down this spring. 

One day it went up like 25c, so hot that icecream box in the store was almost empty. And the next day, we pulled up coats and heaters.. So the cherry blossom season came earlier than usual, and it ends quicker than usual. Glad I could catch them before it's over..

I'm hearing that more and more people are vaccinated these days. I've read somewhere that when a new invader comes into our body, our immune system holds a long-term strategy meeting while we're sleeping. So it's better and more effective if we sleep well for a week after (and before) the vaccination.

Rest well, and please give enough time and energy for these meeting...



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