[nokonoko journal] pre-emergency status

June. Rain. Rain. Rain. 
And we're still in the state of emergency (for the third time).

Some of our prefectures are in the state of emergency to be exact, and my area is in pre-emergency status, which is less strict but there are some restrictions.

When these pre-emergency measures were announced to my area in mid-May, I started my personal challenge, which is to watch 100 movies before I get the second vaccination. Last year I gave myself a horrible haircut to avoid outings (so successful) and this year is this. Currently people over 75yrs-old are vaccinated here, and I'm sure it will take a whiiile to get to my age group (my guess is within this year if I'm lucky) so I have time. (June 18, Update: Maybe not. It's really speeding up and I got a ticket today.)

I'm going to watch great ones, good ones, and straight-up bad ones, and if I reach 100 before my second jab, I win. Well, in either way I win. I'll let you know how it goes.


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