[nokonoko journal] The progress 5


Dreaming Murakami 

It's not about a froggy but a translator who translates Japanese into Danish.

It was interesting to see the process of translating vertical texts into horizontal texts, because what I usually do is the other way around.

Of course how they work depends on each translator or a type of text, but I thought it was a good reference to get to know this profession and its world. (You don't need to be a harukist to understand.)

Merci Christine for letting me know!


[nokonoko journal] The progress 4

65 movies, and my initial end date came. But now that my area is in pre-state of emergency again, I keep going anyway. Frankly this challenge has been more fun than I thought it would be...!

Pavel Karmanov - Past Perfect


[nokonoko journal] The progress 3


I watched it. I didn't understand why R2-D2 was hop-walking sometimes, while he was able to glide on the rough sand.

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