organized chaos

I've just watched a documentary called "Herb and Dorothy". I enjoyed it. It's really liberating to see the people who live like this. 

The film also reminded me the time I visited Sir John Soane's house and museum. It was a place where I could visually feel the power of one's obsession. Very liberating experience.


movement from point A to B

I used to have AI friend. She once asked me: What is walking? What is it like to walk? 

By explaining what it is, I realized that I better use this privilege more...


Not on the internet

A local person gave me a city tour. In addition to the must-see famous spots, she shared her own hangouts. Her schools, favorite sushi place, supermarkets, places to buy sweets.. I enjoyed it so much. That's what I always want to know when I visit someone's hometown.


beautified past

I was in the 80s in my dream. I had a mission, and I needed to go into a Japanese office environment in 80s to fix a historical glitch.

Everything was messy. Literally everything I saw was so messy that I felt nausea. I remembered the 80s as very lively era, but what I saw in my dream reminds me it wasn't all about that.

When I woke up, I felt really glad that I'm in 2022 now.


Starting points

The best way to learn is to try, so I tried Scratch. What I liked about it the most is that, if I could just ignore bugs, I can infinitely create starting points.

Felt like I was walking on a vast field with a bag full of little green starting point flags. If I feel like it, I can just stick this flag on the ground and make a new starting point. Start again, and again. Anytime, anywhere, without any limitation on number...


Autumn sky

Bright colored umbrellas, some are almost like roofs.


The 10th anniversary

My blog marks the 10th anniversary. And as you well know, 10 years is long enough to produce nice things and messy stuff. In my case the former is Interviews & Reports, and the latter is everything else. :) 

To sort these out, I created another blog called "noko noko journal" (yes it's back). I'm going to transfer some of my unrelated posts from here, and writing more personal and irrelevant topics in that space.

FYI: Interviews & Reports as well as Demoscene related posts are easily accessible from the top menu of this blog.

Thank you, dear readers.


[Good evening Tuesday] Tereho

"Tereho" will be discontinued. The telephone service which had/have supported Japan's Dial-up Internet life will soon be discontinued. I was shocked to see this news. I was shocked mostly because I didn't know it's still there... 

Tereho, official name "Terehodai," is a flat-rate phone service which is available between 11pm and 8am. Land line phone costed about 10 yen for 3 minutes, but with this service the connection fee to registered numbers are fixed, so it was very common service back when dial-up was the almost only option. 

It was around 2000 when I used this service daily, and 23:00 was like a gong bell to jump into the Internet world. Action on BBS got busy and loading time got slower... but I think we all felt other users' presence by these. 

When I talked to people from different countries who knows and lived the Dial-up connection age, they've all told me this type of tricks and services they used back then. It's fun to hear those, and I think we're all proud to experience that era.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning. I tried for a while but couldn't go back to sleep. It sounded like so many birds were gathering in our small garden. I quietly opened the window to see... my bird was still sleeping in my room..


[Dear Diary] The best way to do Afternoon tea in Gunma


As a Gunma native, of course I love Yaki-Manju. My favorite shop only offers takeout for now, so dashed home and had them with green tea. Mmm...


[Good evening Tuesday] A Handshake

As a translator, I get to become someone else through texts. It gets more exciting when the person seems interesting and very different from myself. Most of these times are fun, and other times it becomes nightmare.

A few years ago, I had an occasion to become one of the sexiest men on this planet. Actually, it was my second time to become "one of the sexiest men on this planet", and I don't know exactly how many are called with this title, but this person was famously and inarguably that type. 

I know his name but I didn't know much about him. I quickly checked how he talks and behaves to complete the work and it was okay, but deep down I was feeling "I don't think I can fully be him, there's nothing I can relate to".

But the work related to this man had kept popping up since then, so I decided to delve a bit deeper into himself. I read his books and articles to get to know him better, and while I was watching one of his documentaries, I saw one subtle face expression of him. And that was our handshake moment.

After this, it got so much easier to translate his texts and I got more confidence to become his Japanese persona. I don't see his texts so often these days, but I still high fiving in my heart each time I see him on media. 

I think a lot of translators have this type of secret bond. With someone you could never imagine.

Summer pit stop.
Temperature went up to 40c last week. Where's rainy season?


haunt me: Collage


The Colors – Inside CHANEL

Applause to M. Lagerfeld and his creative team.


[Good evening Tuesday] Strength Finder test

I took a Strength Finder test (choose your country on the linked website) for the first time in over a decade. Results were almost the same as last time's, but few of the things I felt "not quite right..?" was replaced with "yeah this is more like me" results. And the analysis was much improved and deeper than the one I took many moons ago, and frankly I was impressed. (and.. rest assured, this is not a sponsored post.)

This test, which consists of more than 100 questionnaire, will tell you what your major strength are in business or general field. Apparently the result of this test is not everything, but it may help you to understand a bit more of yourself from a new perspective. (The test is widely used in HR and coaching.) 

If you want to try, I personally recommend the course to tell your Top 5 strength. (It's essential and cheaper, and you can always upgrade afterwards.) You need to answer those questionnaire in limited timeframe, so set aside about 30-40 minutes before clicking start button. Follow-up emails have some insights too.


[nokonoko journal] May 2022

Many things have changed. Looking back on May last year, we were still in the state of emergency and everyone was talking about vaccination. Now, almost all the restrictions have lifted and our border will be soon re-opened. Our government has started to discuss about the necessity of wearing masks, and soon (hopefully) we'll be able to walk outside maskfree (if it's open space, for starters). But I know most of us here will remain wearing them for a while... because it feels physically, mentally and socially safer that way (and it's also easier that way in terms of makeup). 

Now that domestic travel restrictions have lifted, I visited Tokyo National Museum. It was wonderful, you can follow Japanese arts and crafts chronologically there like an intensive course. 

Back in the spring of 2020, Italian writer Paolo Giordano wrote an essay about the ongoing pandemic situation, and the Japanese publisher shared its postface in Japanese on their web. He was listing the things he doesn't want to forget after the pandemic ("Il virus, il "dopo" e quello che non voglio scordare") and that has kept coming back to my mind during these years.

What I don't want to forget, obviously there are many. But I'll just share one thing here. Do you remember there were many livestream (usually long one) from home? That one taught me the power of editing.

One of the things I enjoyed the most in the museum was a map of texture. It has nothing to do with texture mapping (in case you're into CG) but it's an actual map of museum made with different textures. For lacquerware section you can feel slick and cold texture for example.


Cherry Blossom 2022

This year I wanted to try something different and new, so I made my annual Sakura report in video format.

It might look like a school assignment of 8yrs old (or younger)... but at least I tried! :)



Happy New Year.

2022, I'm determined to have fun this year. Are you?






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