[Good evening Tuesday] Strength Finder test

I took a Strength Finder test (choose your country on the linked website) for the first time in over a decade. Results were almost the same as last time's, but few of the things I felt "not quite right..?" was replaced with "yeah this is more like me" results. And the analysis was much improved and deeper than the one I took many moons ago, and frankly I was impressed. (and.. rest assured, this is not a sponsored post.)

This test, which consists of more than 100 questionnaire, will tell you what your major strength are in business or general field. Apparently the result of this test is not everything, but it may help you to understand a bit more of yourself from a new perspective. (The test is widely used in HR and coaching.) 

If you want to try, I personally recommend the course to tell your Top 5 strength. (It's essential and cheaper, and you can always upgrade afterwards.) You need to answer those questionnaire in limited timeframe, so set aside about 30-40 minutes before clicking start button. Follow-up emails have some insights too.

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