[Good evening Tuesday] Tereho

"Tereho" will be discontinued. The telephone service which had/have supported Japan's Dial-up Internet life will soon be discontinued. I was shocked to see this news. I was shocked mostly because I didn't know it's still there... 

Tereho, official name "Terehodai," is a flat-rate phone service which is available between 11pm and 8am. Land line phone costed about 10 yen for 3 minutes, but with this service the connection fee to registered numbers are fixed, so it was very common service back when dial-up was the almost only option. 

It was around 2000 when I used this service daily, and 23:00 was like a gong bell to jump into the Internet world. Action on BBS got busy and loading time got slower... but I think we all felt other users' presence by these. 

When I talked to people from different countries who knows and lived the Dial-up connection age, they've all told me this type of tricks and services they used back then. It's fun to hear those, and I think we're all proud to experience that era.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning. I tried for a while but couldn't go back to sleep. It sounded like so many birds were gathering in our small garden. I quietly opened the window to see... my bird was still sleeping in my room..

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