The 10th anniversary

My blog marks the 10th anniversary. And as you well know, 10 years is long enough to produce nice things and messy stuff. In my case the former is Interviews & Reports, and the latter is everything else. :) 

To sort these out, I created another blog called "noko noko journal" (yes it's back). I'm going to transfer some of my unrelated posts from here, and writing more personal and irrelevant topics in that space.

FYI: Interviews & Reports as well as Demoscene related posts are easily accessible from the top menu of this blog.

Thank you, dear readers.


  1. Congrats on the decade. 🎉

    I enjoy your interviews as much as the next human, but don't downplay the other stuff. It's all good.

    Is there a story behind the photo?

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, ㋮-san. That's very kind of you! うれしいです!

      This photo doesn't mean much, but for me creating another blog is like building annex and thought this image would reflect that :)

      How's your 2022 going so far? Are things getting back to normal in your area?

    2. Thank you for the reply, Setsuko! こちらこそ。

      Maybe normal isn't normal anymore. In any case, the last COVID wave in the States was around May, though I hear Japan had a heck of an August. Friends in Tokyo and Mie both got the virus.

      Here's to ten years of health. 😉

    3. You are right, what we're having right now is so-called New Normal.. though the footage from US make us think the life gets back to normal there (because we're still wearing masks). If you've come to Japan pre-Covid, you'll be surprised how widely non-cash payment is accepted now... and a lots of elevator have segmented floor :)

      Thank you, cheers to you too! 😊Your website is very unique btw!


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