Dear Diary: Spring to early Summer 2023


Hello, how have you been?

bamboo shoot

April 25

Woke up in the morning, and there they were in front of the door!! (It's from a local farmer... thank you :)

Blooming Japanese snowbell

May 6

At a supermarket, store staffs were removing the tapes in front of the register that indicate "Wait Here" for the social distancing purpose. I probably need some time to get used to it.

May 15

Sometime in last week. A few minutes break in the busy day.

May 19

Reminder of the times. Still a lot of stores here install these at the entrance.

June 14

My bird, Goma is now in molting time. He's caring about his messy tail feather.

When all the tail feathers are gone at the same time, the bird looks like a lemon. He could successfully avoid becoming a lemon bird this year.

June 16

Rainy season has officially begun.

June 26


In memory of Fuyu. A bold, active, and beautiful bird. She was less than 10cm (length) but her diva attitude was like 200cm. Pretty pretty gal. Missing you.

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