Dear Diary: Summer 2023

June 23
Two flowers of Sal tree are blooming. 
Early morning, refreshing coolness. 
A little walk in the garden before the first coffee.

July 9
When the temperature exceeds 28-29 degrees 
at night, I bring my bird's cage to my room. 
Goma is quiet bird, and he doesn't really care 
about the noise, but I try to sleep earlier when 
he's in the same room. His cage is covered with 
cloth, but he seems to sense my presence. 
I've learned that he sometimes talks while sleeping.

Aug 13
Obon has started. I woke up before 5am and 
got to the temple around 6, but it's already hot 
and crowded.

Aug 18
Installed a little house inside Goma's cage. 
He seems to love it.


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